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At Complete Staffing Solutions, we serve our clients by finding top talent across a wide array of disciplines within the Legal Service industry

  • Data Privacy and Retention
  • Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Litigation

Complete Staffing Solutions’ clients are coming up against an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. Our legal recruiters are incredibly well knowledgeable in regulatory issues and how to adeptly staff for them. Because Complete Staffing Solutions has a very deep and qualified candidate pool, we can quickly react to any of our clients’ regulatory areas of concern including: IRS, SEC or FDA regulations and/or policies.

Businesses need to promptly and swiftly act to protect corporate interests. Our team engages each search with the key areas of concern they know what to listen for in order to ensure our clients have the personnel they need to combat any litigatory issue. Complete Staffing Solutions is deep rooted in staffing many areas of litigation including business and commercial disputes and e-discovery requests for many leading corporations.

Our legal recruiting team has a vast network of qualified candidates in the areas of securities and corporate finance. Whether it is dealing with Corporate securities, restructuring, public offerings or VC-backed offerings, we have the bandwidth and acuity to tackle any need for our clients in this area of legal expertise.

Our team provides legal staffing for privacy policies and procedures management, Information security breaches, commerce transactions, email and website privacy, global compliance and litigation.

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